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Geospatial Imagery Analyst (US Army)

Denver, ColoradoFull-time
About the Job
Geospatial Imagery Analyst (U.S. Army)


Basic Qualifications:
  • Education - Current Senior in High School (HS), HS Diploma, GED, or higher.

Geospatial Imagery Analysts
Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analysts are vital to providing Army personnel with critical information about enemy positions, potential battlefield obstructions, and another criterion to support combat operations. Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analysts provide in-depth analysis of images to help planning ranging from combat operations to disaster relief. 

However, we offer our Soldiers much more than just a paycheck — we offer a purpose-driven career that allows applicants to align their passion points with their professional pursuits. In addition to medical and retirement plans, we offer 30-days of annual leave accrual, paid federal holidays, low-cost life insurance, tuition assistance, and the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

Core Responsibilities:
  • These soldiers use all manner of visual data to do their jobs, including aerial imagery, geospatial data, full-motion video, and other electronic monitoring. This data helps them design defense plans, including combat plans, and create maps and plans for recovery efforts after a natural disaster. These images may be developed via photographic or electronic sources. 
  • Will glean intelligence information from these images, and help determine target coordinates, identify enemy weapons and positions, conduct a battle damage assessment, and prepare reports based on their findings.
  • In addition to analyzing images for intelligence information, these soldiers assess where an enemy is vulnerable, and help devise possible courses of action. 

Additional Requirements: 
  • Attend Basic and advanced training (Paid).
  • Complete the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).
  • Submit to the background and medical screening.

  • Up to $40K enlistment bonus.
  • Tuition Assistance.
  • Post-911 GI Bill.
  • Tax-Free Housing Allowance.
  • Tax-Free Food Allowance.
  • Low-Cost Health Insurance (Tricare).
  • Low-Cost Life Insurance Policy up to $500K.


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 Staff Sergeant Nathan A. Brewer
Phone- 303-209-9872
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